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Estimating your painting price is easy. FOWP uses a Pizza type method to achieve this. You select the standard painting price for your miniature type, then you have the option to (if you wish) to further enhance the miniature, adding additional features/effects to it.

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FOWP also offer a Game Objective models/mini Diorama modelling and painting service.....


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20mm Painting Prices

How it works 

EXAMPLE Marder Mk II - 75mm SP Gun

1. Select the standard price for miniature -Tank £16.00

(add camo £1.00)  

Add extra options:

- Example Addition of Mud to tracks /Scratches/wear and tear 30p
Total £17.30

Click on Image to Magnify

NB This is an example Please check our latest prices below


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20 mm Prices January 2016

  • Inf Base texturing and grass flocking per 50p inc flower/tuff/static grass grit etc

  • Infantry figure £6.00 each (Camo uniforms/smocks etc add 50p)

  • Camo for US Vietnam Helmets 20p per fig) 

  • Extra/basing 75p - £1.00 (sand bages/logs etc)

  • AT Guns: Light £5.00  Medium £7.50  Heavy £14.00 +  £1.00 for camo

  • Small Vehicles/jeeps/Small Tanketts (Early war) £8.00 + Inf cost per
    per fig add £1.00 for camo 

  • Halftracks £14.00 + £1.00 for camo pattern

  • Tank/Tank Destroyer/Tracked Artillery etc £16.00 (£17.00 for Tank with camo ) 

  • Katyusha Rocket Launcher £14.00 + £1.00 for camo pattern

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Extra Options
We offer the following additional modelling effects for your needs:

There is a basic cost for painting the tank/vehicle. You can add on additional effects to the tanks and vehicles priced individually.


  • Crew full figure £6.00 each (Camo uniforms add 50p) 


  • Half figure in turret £3.00 each. (Camo uniforms add 25p per fig) 


  • Camo netting with foliage 60p per vehicle (includes application and material itself )


  • Addition of Mud /Scratches 30p - 50p per vehicle (depending on amount)


  • Foliage (includes application and foliage itself ) 30p - 60p per vehicle 


  • Damage to vehicle (shell holes/bullet holes broken side skirts plates etc) 10p - 60p per vehicle. Contact us with your requirements.

  • Base texturing and flocking grass flowers per FOW stand/base 45p Please include bases with minis.

  • Trucks £10.00 add £1.00 for camo/1.50 winter camo.

  • Aircraft £12.00 per plane add £1.00 for camo/1.50 winter camo. (if circular basing required + 30p)

  • Small Anti Tank Guns eg (Pak 40) (£64.50) add 50p for camo

  • Dukw  £14.00 per vehicle only

  • Camo netting with foliage per vehicle 60p


  • Scenic bases ie standard base to a 8.8cm FlaK36 Battery base from £2.50 - £8.00 per base inc base texture grass sand bags etc depending on complexity

Assembly of Vehicles
Depending on the miniature manufacturer, assembling your minis can be simple or very time consuming. Simple 3 /4 parts assembly is not time consuming and does not occur a change. Multi part assembly is time consuming (some times up to 30/40 mins per tank. (I'm reluctantly having to charge for this Multi part assembly service)    


Assembling tanks/vehicles/Helicopters from plastic blister packs/sprues etc. 50p - £10.00 per vehicle depending on complexity

NB If you are sending assembled miniatures over to FOWP PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY ARE WASHED IN DETERGENT, BEFORE ASSEMBLY. IF NOT THERE IS A RISK THAT ANY PAINT applied MAY RUB OFF THE SURFACE due to casting release agent remaining on the surface. 

It is the clients responsibility to make sure this has been completed. if you are sending assembling miniatures over to FOWP

If FOWP are building miniatures for you FOWP will complete this process for you.


Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Scale

FOWP love the quality and detail of these miniatures, however they do take a period of time out to assemble from painting the miniature itself.

If you wish to have any of these miniatures painted please either assemble and send to FOWP (preferred option) or FOWP can assemble them for you at a cost of £4.00 per tank/ vehicle..sorry!  We are happy for you to assemble and send to FOWP to paint.

Currency-converter (Click link below)



Base sizes (standard Battlefront bases)

Small 25x32mm, Med 32x50mm, Large 50x64mm


NB If providing figures please send your bases with miniatures. 


NB Prices are total cost for painting/modelling etc P&P is to be added to the final cost
Please see FOWP terms and conditions before ordering a painting commission. All commissions are taken on the basis that these have been accepted.


Click on Image to Magnify
Click on Image to Magnify
Click on Image to Magnify

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Contact FOWP for a commission quote: 
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NB Please read our Terms and Conditions page before submitting your commission. Any commission taken will be subject to these terms and conditions. Prices are subject to change without notice. THANK YOU


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Miniature painting service for Flames of War Battlefront, Peter Pig , Zvezda , Bolt Action Painted ,Plastic Soldier Company, SHQ, Artizan Designs and Forged in Battle, Team Yankee

We specialise in Flames of War miniatures painting and also offer a Bolt Action Painted Service/Artizan Designs and Vignette Creation, Warhammer 40k vehicle painted service and  Sct -Fi vehicle painted service




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