Re Fight the Historical Battles of WW2 and
Sci Fi on your table top.

FOWP is a wargames miniature painting and miniature display (vignette) creation service based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

FOWP painting and modeling is of a high standard. We specialise in Flames of War and TEAM YANKEE by Battlefront and Bolt Action by Warlord Games we also provide a painting and modeling service for Warhammer Vehicles 

Do you need your army painting for that important game or competition with no time to paint them, or are you an experienced wargamer with little painting skills or do you need miniatures in a display Vignette?

FOWP can help. FOWP can provide a painting service or a completed miniature vignette ( you choose ) for quality WW2 wargames figures,WW2 painted tanks, WW2 painted infantry, World War 2 painted vehicles and TEAM YANKEE painted vehicles Warhammer Vehicles, Star Wars Vehicles and a Bespoke 

Vignette creation service contact FOWP  Pics examples coming soon!

All our vehicles are airbrushed and we only use top quality products  

Eg: Vallejo Panzer Aces, Model Colour, Model Air, AK Interactive GW and Ammo Mig,paints oils and weathering powders.

FOWP also offer a Vignette Game Objective modeling/mini Diorama modelling and painting service.....

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About FOWP


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Team Yankee & Warhammer 40k vehicles coming soon 

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FOWP paint miniatures in 15mm  20mm 28mm scales for  WW2, Vietnam, Arab Israel, Team Yankee, Konflikt '47, 28mm miniature WW2 Painting, Bolt Action Tank Painting, Bolt Action Infantry Painting, Bolt Action Vehicle Painting, Team Yankee painting service , Vignette display service

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NB Please read our Terms and Conditions page before submitting your commission. Any commission taken will be subject to these terms and conditions. Prices are subject to change without notice. THANK YOU

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TMP Forum 30 Oct 2012
15mm Napoleonic & WW2 Painting Service Review" Topic

FOWP WW2: Outstanding; swift, very high standard, good communicator and excellent value for money.
NB FOWP do not paint Napoleonics


Special Offers

From time to time we have Special Offers or One off Items that we make available These are for sale on a first come first served basis

Special Offers

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Simple to pay FOWP. After project sign off you will be sent a request for payment via PayPal to your email address. 

We are not connected to Flames of War or Battlefront  Miniatures Ltd. 

We just love painting their fantastic miniatures. Check their latest releases below

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Miniature painting service for Flames of War Battlefront, Peter Pig , Zvezda , Bolt Action Painted ,Plastic Soldier Company, SHQ, Artizan Designs and Forged in Battle, Team Yankee

We specialise in Flames of War miniatures painting and also offer a Bolt Action Painted Service/Artizan Designs and Vignette Creation, Warhammer 40k vehicle painted service and  Sct -Fi vehicle painted service




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We are not connected to
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